Opening Act + Preview: vs Golden State (2/28)

Just one humble Knicks fan’s view on a (currently) crumbling franchise . The team has straddled the lines of magnificent and mediocre the last 10 years, and this year is no different. The blog will feature the quintessentials:

Game Previews :  keys to the game, suggested line-ups/rotations, and predictions.

Recaps : analyze how the Knicks played that night, Woodson’s “coaching” decisions,  and player of the night. Pretty much what worked and what didn’t.

Player Spotlights : will focus on which Knick was the most productive (stats-wise) that week, breakdown their strengths and weaknesses, and who should recieve more playing time going forward.

Power Rankings : look how the Knicks are performing compared to the rest of the teams in the Atlantic division, Eastern Conference, and NBA

and miscellaneous rants on what the hell is going on in this organization.

Let’s tip off the blog with a brief preview of tonight’s game vs Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.


Knicks (21-37) vs. Warriors (35-23) | Madison Square Garden

When: Friday @ 8:00 PM

Watch on: MSG, ESPN

Where to Listen: ESPN 98.7 FM

Golden State Warriors are visiting MSG for their first and only time this season. The host Knicks are 12-19 at home and haven’t won a game in MSG in 3 weeks, a 21-point blowout versus a similarly-enigmatic Nuggets team.

Last time the Warriors came to Garden, Stephen Curry did this :

Carmelo Anthony dropped 62 earlier this year to get the MSG scoring title back, but some of the lights are still out at the Garden after Curry’s performance last season (in a losing effort). This Warriors team is getting ready for the playoffs, so tonight’s contest an opportunity for the team to improve their seeding against a struggling Knicks team.

Warriors Projected // vs Knicks Suggested

PG – Curry // Brown !

SG – Thompson // Felton

SF – Igoudala // Prigioni !!

PF – Lee // Anthony

C – Bogut // Chandler

! – Shannon Brown recently joined the Knicks on a 10-day contract. The team is already in a hole, and a little shake-up could be what the Knicks need. The longer-armed, athletic Brown should start out on Curry to contest shots, and should be better off than Felton at sticking with Curry.

!! –  Hardaway Jr has struggled his last 3 games (3-21 for three on 32.5 min per game), and Prigioni’s outside shooting (when he decides to shoot) and savvy passing will compliment Melo’s game well.

Keys to the Game: 

Stick to Curry. He’s the toughest cover at the PG spot in the NBA, but the Knicks should make him a volume shooter if he’s looking to top his 54 tonight

Involve Melo in more pick and roll with Igoudala guarding him. That should free up Melo for easier catches in  his sweet spot (13-15 feet from the basket)


GSW 119  – NY 98

Golden State is coming off an 83-point performance vs a stingy Bulls team, and should be ready to let it out against a injury riddled Knicks team.


bored during the commercials?

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