Knicks Recap x2 : @ Lakers (L 96-127) , @ Kings (W 107-99)

It was all good just a week ago.

-Kanye West // “H.A.M”

The Knicks (30-42) are playing like the Knicks again, whatever that means.

Two games out of 8th place, Coach Mike Woodson’s team still lacks an identity as the season reaches a close. The last two night have been a microcosm of the entire Knicks season.

Are the Knicks the team that got shredded for 51 points by the Lakers bench LA Tuesday night? The folks at BBall Breakdown analyzed each basket for us.

That’s not bad defense, that’s no defense. While the D’Antoni run-n-gun offense maximizes the offense of its players, the Knicks lacked effort that won’t cut if they make the playoffs. Phil Jackson called the performance “awful.”

Amidst the criticism, it’s possible the Knicks succumbed to the hot-shooting of the Lakers after the half and chose to rest for the following game. The Lakers had their best scoring quarter ever; sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. This would be valid, except he Lakers second and third stringers dealt the blows.

While Twitter and the rest of the Knicks blogosphere erupted Tuedays night, I waited to see how the team would respond in a back-to-back versus Sacramento.

Is this the Knicks? The team that finished 58 percent from 3-point land and 55 percent from the field (vs 26.7% and 48.3% on Tuesday?

Those with NBA League-Pass saw J.R. Smith hit a franchise record nine 3-pointers made. Carmelo Anthony bounced back with 36 points, shooting 12-for-21 (5-of-8 3-point attempts).

The Knicks were on the other side off the barrel Wednesday night, surviving a late Kings run and a 32pt-15reb-8ast line from Kings center Demarcus Cousins to hold on to the win.

Inconsistency is the name of game in New York. After holding sizable leads in their last five games, they’ve stubbled when teams respond with a  counterpunch.

Only 10 games left, they have to decide if they’re the club that lost a seven games in a row or won 8 eight straight right after.

They might just finish 5-5.

Next Up: The Knicks play in Phoenix (43-29) Friday.





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