Non-Knicks Play of The Day

Some plays are just worth watching over and over.

Carmelo Anthony’s former squad remind everyone how much fun playing in the Western conference can be (at their own expense).

Golden State Warriors guard Andre Igoudala hit Quincy Miller of the Denver Nuggets with a move that probably made him wish he stayed in college an extra year.

Whenever I see someone get dropped like that I watch their footwork to see if it was a legit crossover. Most of the time there’s a wet spot on the floor, an ill-placed logo, or someone else’s foot in the way.

It was a legit crossover.


2 thoughts on “Non-Knicks Play of The Day

  1. I love that you add videos to yours. I know sports, but I don’t know terms. (If that makes sense) But, the fact that you add the video, lets me know for sure exactly what you are talking about, so thank you!

  2. I love that you added videos. I know sports, but I don’t necessarily know the terms used. And the fact that you use a video, allows me to understand exactly what you’re talking about. So thank you!

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