The Knicks are done. Now What?

It’s over. It’s over. But it’s far from over. -Drake / ‘Over”


The 2014 NBA Playoffs are well underway.  Kevin Durant is shooting 4-pointers from out of bounds (literally), James Harden still isn’t playing defense, and Paul Pierce is back to doing what he do.

While the rest of the NBA and its fans cheer rapt with joy at the spring spectacle, the Knicks enter a summer full of questions.

When is Mike Woodson getting fired?

That answer came when news broke Monday morning that Captian Jack fired Coach Woodson and his Legion of Doom. The writing was on the wall once the Knicks were officially out playoff contention. Woodson had a solid run his first year and half in NYC, but this year it seemed he lost the locker room and couldn’t rally the troops for a consistent 48-minute effort. Not 100 percent his fault the Knicks missed the playoffs, but his outdated schemes on both sides of the floor cost him a job.

Names like Steve Kerr, Derek Fisher, Jeff Van Gundy,  and Herb Williams are swirling amongst media outlets looking to say they were the first to predict the new head coach. Kerr sticks out the most, one of Jackson’s pupils and the brilliant mind who brought Shaq to the Phoenix Suns in 2008 and knew Thibodeau was a damn good defensive coach before you did. If hired, the Triangle offense may find it’s way to the Tri-borough area.

Are we rebuilding or retooling ?

Rebuilding= clean house, start from the bottom (Pacers or Thunder from 2008-2012)

Retooling= move a couple of pieces, make the playoffs (Mavericks or Spurs the last decade)

Watch what the Knicks do with the contracts of Stoudamire and Bargnani this summer. With a year left on both of those mega-contracts, the Knicks could flip either of them in a sign and trade (Pau Gasol, Shawn Marion?) or send them away on draft day for at least a pair of second rounders. Hard to say what teams want to take a chance on Amare’s knees or Bargnani’s defense.

That said, Knicks fans may be waving good-bye to Shumpert or Hardaway Jr in a multiplayer trade in the near future. Shumpert should stay due to his defensive prowess and underrated rebounding ability. But keeping him would make sense, which is against policy rules in the Knicks organization. Expect a rebuild either way. The Knicks are tied into a lot of cash going into next season, and the safest bet long term is to blow it up.

But the fans will hate the franchise for rebuilding, right?

They hate watching the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs even more. Knicks fans have suffered through some mediocre basketball since Patrick Ewing retired. And not the Atlanta Hawks “we’ll make the playoff but don’t expect anything out of us” mediocre. More the reality shows , Flavor of Love 2 “we’ll give you some cool stuff to look at every now and then, but we aint goin anywhere” mediocre.

Knicks had a good season not too long ago, but the writing on the wall for a rebuild is there. Written in the tears of the MSG faithful.

Where’s Carmelo Anthony going?

I already told you.

If Melo stays in the Big Apple, it’ll be because of a fat check Phil throws at him. It’s going to be a tough 2015 for the Knicks with or without him.

Alas, it wouldn’t be right to end the year without one more G/B/U/D:

The Good 

The Bad

The Ugly

The Difference



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